Getting started

While a post-secondary education does not guarantee career success, it certainly provides a leg-up in today’s competitive job market. Thanks to the FÉRIQUE RESP, giving your child a competitive advantage couldn’t be easier.

6 easy steps to open a FÉRIQUE RESP

Step 1

Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for yourself and the child you intend to save for. If the child doesn’t yet have a SIN, apply for one. More information on Social Insurance Numbers can be obtained at Service Canada or by calling 1 800 O CANADA (1 800 622 6232).

You can apply for a SIN at a Service Canada Centre of by mail.

If applying in person and your documents are in order, you can get a SIN in one visit and receive your card within 10 business days.

If applying by mail and your application meets the requirements, you can get your SIN card by mail within 20 business days from the date they receive the application.

Step 2

Choose an RESP provider that best meets your needs. See the FÉRIQUE Advantage for more information.


Step 3

Call 1 800 291 0337 from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm to get advice about which RESP plan type is best suited for you.

See the RESP plan types for more information.

Step 4

Open a FÉRIQUE RESP account and make a deposit. FÉRIQUE will apply for the appropriate grants on your behalf.

Step 5

Work closely with our Advisory Service to determine the proper asset mix and investment allocations given the plan’s time horizon and risk profile.

See Contact our Advisory Service for more information.

Step 6

Watch as the combination of returns from your FÉRIQUE portfolio and the deposit of government grants make your money grow.


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